Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bow Remediation

A bit of remediation work on the bow today. Here's what the front end looked like:

The discrepancy between the king plank and the sheer line resulted from my long ago error in reading a dimension for BH-2.

I first thought I could fill in that discrepancy with a piece of wood and "fair" it into the king plank (creating sort of a wedge). That wasn't ever going to work as shown by straight edge along the king plank from the bow to BH-2. I needed another solution.

Yes, I removed the discrepancy (slowly, very slowly) which means I've changed the sheer ever so slightly. I will continue to fair the sheer to get it close and, what decking, trim and rub rails it should be fine.

The carlins got a bit of attention, too. Cutting (as needed) and sanding the frame faces flush with the carlins provides a nice supporting structure for the coamings.

Gardens as she sits this afternoon without the clutter of clamps.

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