Sunday, March 25, 2018

Healing, Thinking and Projects

It has been seven-plus weeks since my shoulder surgery. The weather is improving (although the recent east winds have been nasty), the shoulder is getting better (range of motion improving faster than my strength) and I’m getting antsy. However, arm/shoulder strength is a limiting factor right now - using a hand plane is not possible yet (to give you an idea). About all I can do right now is think about what needs to be done and make lists.

Thinking can lead to changes . For instance, I installed a mast slot to facilitate raising the mast.

(Due to technical difficulties, the photos to be inserted here are, for some reason, unavailable.)

The small balance-lug-yawl sail plan puts the mast just aft of BH-1. What if I want to sail with just the main (without the mizzen)? Not sure I really want to, but what-if? According to the sail plan drawing, it looks like stepping the mast just foreward of BH-2 would move the CE of the main very nearly (within millimeters) of the CE of the balance-lug-yawl plan. Seeing this leads, naturally, to the idea of building a mast step to accommodate both mast locations, So, guess what just made the projects list?

Speaking of the project list, as soon as possible (this week?), I will begin work on:
  • Fabricating and installing the new and improved mast step,
  • Figure out the location and set-up of a motor mount for a trolling motor,
  • Figure out what size trolling motor is needed/suitable, I
  • nstall the mast caps,
  • Clear the overhead space above Gardens (so the masts can be fitted)
  • Sand the gun’ls and rub rails
If I can get to any one of these listed projects this week, I'll be happy.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

This is the Year

Five plus weeks post-op and the shoulder is improving - no where near fully functional but much better than it was five weeks ago. Thursday’s visit to the surgeon should have me out of the sling and on to the next level of PT.

There is still a winter chill in the NE wind but spring - and warmer weather - is in the offing. I walked out to the barn today to say hello to Gardens and figure out what’s next… Almost too many tasks yet to be done and yet, I’ve got a list that will keep me and a helper busy once the surgeon and therapist give me the go-ahead.

As an added incentive to getting Gardens launched and outfitted is the invitation to take her to Les Cheneaux Islands in August. That has been a standing invitation for three years now… Deke's report of his successful Everglades Challenge experience in his Pathfinder, First Light, is also inspiring.

This is the year to finish and enjoy Gardens.