Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Scamp Camp

Today was a Scamp Camp day for me. Up and out early for the 90-minute drive to Eaton Rapids, MI.

Four Scamps, including Howard's Southern Cross, in various stages of completion:

Four Campers (Howard, Dave, Mike and me) caught up with each other, told stories and worked on Mike's Scamp.

As always, I learned a few things:
  • Eaton Rapids is known as the Island City because it is an island in the Grand River.
  • Epoxy mixed with Fast Hardener goes off quickly and smokes in 80°F temperatures.
  • Sometimes, you just need a bigger hammer.

It was a good day… The paint of Gardens' sheer planks sat undisturbed for another day. The yard blank cured another day. And since I wasn't home, there was no temptation for me to do anything I might have to re-do tomorrow.

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