Friday, May 20, 2016

Sheer Plank Paint and Other Stuff

It's green, really, no matter what it looks like in the photo.
The lighting in the boat cave is not good - very dim - and there is no way to step back and get a good look at new paint on the boat. But the second coat (pictured) looks better than the first one and, I suspect a couple more coats will look even better. So far, I am pleased with the outcome.

In other news, the starboard half of the foredeck has been rough cut. I found it encouraging that the port side half worked as a pattern for the starboard side half - no reason why it shouldn't have, but I'm glad it did. The foredeck will be installed once the lower trim piece is installed on the sheer planks (better for clamping than just the lower edge of the plank).

We also partially glued up the birdsmouth blank for the yard. I'll take it apart (glued in halves), fit the plugs and finish gluing it up early next week. After that, I'll plane and sand it round and add FG sleeving.

I'm still figuring out how to best install the supports along the hull for the seating and platform decking panels.

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