Friday, May 27, 2016

Varnish, Sleeving & Hardware

Varnishing the main mast began today with the first coat of wiping varnish (a 1:1 mix of spar varnish and mineral spirits). Three coats of 1:1 will be followed with a similar number of 2:1, which in turn will be followed by 3:1 and finished up with straight spar varnish.

The sleeving for the main yard arrived today and was slipped onto the yard. I ran out of time today so tomorrow we'll epoxy the sleeve, wrap it tightly with plastic wrap and perforate the plastic as per Duckworks' instructions. I've used the sleeving before and am looking forward to tomorrow's project.

I sorted through my stash of hardware today looking for bits for the mast, boom and yard. I found a good bit of what I need and placed an order for a few items not in the stash. In the interests of time, I ordered cheek blocks - even though I began making my own during the winter. Those still need some work so I bit the bullet, ordered "store-bought" and figured I can finish my own next winter.

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