Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Steam Bending the Trim Pieces

We set up bending jigs on the hull for the two lower trim pieces using jig-sticks and a simple L-shaped height guide.
The height guide was used to place the bottoms of the jig sticks 1" above the bottom of the sheer plank.
We put the pre-soaked trim piece (19mm x 32mm x 6m; 3/4" x 1-1/4" x 20' mahogany) into poly-tubing, hooked up the steam generator and waited about an hour. When the trim piece was ready, we placed it under the jig-sticks and clamped it tight against the sheer plank with stick-clamps.
One wrinkle in the process was the end furthest (20') from the steam generator cooled a bit too much (we were concerned it would crack) before we could clamp it in place. So, we moved the steam generator, hooked it up to the other end of the poly-tube, turned the generator on and steamed that end. It bent right into place. We did the port-side yesterday and the starboard side today using the "steam from each end" process for both trim pieces.

These two pieces will stay clamped in place to dry until Thursday, when we'll steam bend the rub-rails, which will pre-soak until then.

Port-side trim piece out of the tubing and clamped in place to dry.
Using the poly-tubing, instead of a steam-box, is very convenient and effective. Being able to clamp a piece into place while still in the tubing makes it easier to re-heat the piece if necessary.

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