Sunday, August 26, 2012


For nearly four months the installed frames have suggested the Pathfinder boat-shape that is to be Gardens of Fenwick.

Today, with four of the eight stringers in place, that boat-shape is so much more than a mere suggestion. Amazing what four long, skinny sticks of wood can do...

The last four stringers will be installed tomorrow.

Planking will begin soon after Labor Day.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sawdust, Epoxy and More...

Last weekend I resolved to find a way to install the chines and decided to laminate them in place: each chine to be three pieces (3/4", 1 1/4" and 3/4") glued side by side in place.

On Monday I began milling six (actually 12) new pieces (sawdust). On Tuesday I scarfed (epoxy) those 12 sticks into the six pieces for the chines.

Wednesday I fiddled with the pieces to fit them. I also cut notches in the frames for the stringers and worked on finishing up the transom (more).

Today I installed the first two chine pieces on each side.

Tomorrow I will add the third piece on each side to finish the chines... and begin installing the stringers.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer's Interlude… Summer… a wonderful time of year! Great weather sets the stage for enjoying many activities… But there is a price to pay for the season's weather, activities and fun: For me, at least, that price this summer has been less time spent working on Gardens of Fenwick.

As previously reported, June found me at the Small Craft Skills Academy in Mackinaw City, Michigan. Four great days with other small boat sailors brushing up on old skills and learning new ones from everyone - facilitators and participants alike! If you get the chance to attend one of the Academy's sessions - do it!

The family's July sailing vacation this year was spent on McKay Bay in Les Cheneaux Islands at the north end of Lake Huron. The plan was to take my Goat Island Skiff (the Karen Ann) for some fun sailing and, perhaps, a sampling of boat camping. Unfortunately, a relatively minor mechanical problem kept us from taking the Karen Ann… We were, however, able to get some sailing in on Wildcat, the family's Com Pac PicNic Cat).

In early August I joined my brother for Pedal to the Point, an 80-mile bike ride from Brunswick, OH (a suburb of Cleveland) to Sandusky, OH. The ride is a fund-raiser for MS and this year nearly 3,000 riders participated! I'm glad I rode as much as I did preparing for that ride. It was fun and I'm looking forward to more bike riding this fall.

I was all set to participate in the Michigan Pirate Fest in Grand Haven the second weekend of August - but a nasty summer cold caught up with me and kept me from sailing. Ah… next year I expect to take Gardens to Grand Haven for the pirate 'raid' on the town.

Throughout the summer we've been riding bikes, gardening, traveling and having a good time. The time away from Gardens has given me time to think about some troublesome (to me) building details (the chine, among others) and has provided me some interesting food for thought. In other news, John Welsford confirmed the mast locations for the balance lug yawl rig to be the same as for the gaff-yawl sailplan shown in the plans (this is great news: no modifications needed).

So, not much recent boat building progress to report but I have been busy living life and enjoying every minute of it! The time away from the build have served to energize me and I will soon be making sawdust and mixing epoxy again!