Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Whole Lot Going On...

The last two weeks have been busy - but not much boat work is getting done.

Gardens is in the barn - still on the trailer and waiting for me to bring the building platform over, recruit a few willing souls and find a good weather day… All of those will come together soon.

The former tack room in (another part of) the barn is being made over into a work shop. We've cleared much of the odds and ends stored there over the years. Some stuff went to Good Will, some to Habitat for Humanity, some went upstairs to Jan's studio and some went to recycling. It feels good to have started the project. Next on the agenda is to make the floor a single level - hard to describe, but roughly half the floor is about 9" higher than the other half and the lower section is uneven. The plan is to bring in gravel/sand to fill in the low spots and then build a deck floor to match the height of the "high half" of the floor. New lights and additional power will be added and the space will be ready for me to make some sawdust!

The holidays are right around the corner and we will be participating in an open house Holiday Gift Sale in early December. Jan is an artist and will have some paintings and note cards while I'll have some gift items (napkin rings, tea-light holders, coasters and small picture frames) crafted of wood. It is fun creating useful - and pretty - items out of wood. And, I am learning new skills, too (never used a table saw until early this summer).

The weather is changing - chilly to cold, less sunshine, more rain - but that is part of the natural cycle of things in this part of the country. I enjoy to cooler temperatures and the brilliant fall colors. Too bad this beautiful autumn has to give way to months of cold and snow. Again, that's part of life here and winter is a small price to pay for the rest of the year here. In fact, there are enough beautiful winter days to carry one through to spring.