Sunday, July 31, 2016

What To Do When You Can't Do Anything

Back from a great trip to Klamath Falls. (That little grandson is growing like a weed! And our five (almost six) year old granddaughter is a gem!)

Pre-op tests, ultra-sound and lab work have been completed, so I'm just waiting for Thursday's surgery.

But while I'm waiting to actually resume work, I've been able to ponder two issues that needed pondering…

Auxiliary Power: Since the Pathfinder design is just too wide to row, I picked up an old Johnson air-cooled 2HP kicker a couple of years ago for next to nothing, thinking it would be a good fit for Gardens. Well, I've discovered that old Johnson doesn't fit. I decided early on in the build that I wanted to hang the motor on the transom rather than in a motor well. The issue with the old Johnson is the shaft is too short and the motor head is too large to go on the transom. So, I am contemplating an electric trolling motor - probably a Minn-Kota 30 (but maybe a 40). Size-wise, a trolling motor makes more sense and since I don't plan on motoring more than getting in and out of a boat ramp (and/or a dock/marina), a trolling motor should be fine. Of course, that begs the question of where and how to install the battery.

Trailer: My search for a trailer for Gardens has not been productive. But, why not refit Karen Ann's (my GIS) trailer to accommodate Gardens? The trailer is sound although the winch post needs to be moved forward a bit. Yes, I'll need to rearrange the bunks to handle Gardens (honestly, I haven't figured out how to set it up to accommodate both boats) but that isn't major work. To deal with the overhang, I'll build a removable light-board. And, I can continue shopping for another trailer so each boat has a place to reside (once Gardens is completed).

This sitting around doing nothing - pondering doesn't really count - is leading to a mild case of mid-summer cabin fever. I'll get over it…

Sunday, July 24, 2016


We are on vacation in Klamath Falls, Oregon! Why Klamath Falls? Because my oldest son, his wife, daughter and newborn son live there! Nina and Grandpap needed to see the grandchildren!

So, one of the things we've done is visit Crater Lake.

Photos do not do the scenery justice!

Spent today doing projects around the house with my son. Good times.

A few more days here before we return to Michigan. This break has been good for me - clearing out the mental cobwebs - and I'm ready to get back to work on Gardens. Yes, what I can do will be limited for the next few weeks (due to surgery on the 4th) but I look forward to getting some work done.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


No progress, nothing, nada… for the last three weeks. This cessation of work was self-induced for reasons that are not totally clear to me.

And now… I am mentally ready to resume work but the restart will have to wait a few more weeks. Surgery (for a non-life-threatening condition) scheduled for August 4th means I shouldn't be bending, lifting, mutilating or spindling anything between now and then (and for a reasonable time following surgery).

So, Gardens won't launch this summer… Perhaps before the gales of November come slashing…