Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cross- Thread

After cold temperatures last week, we are enjoying our second January thaw. Mild (mid-40s) temperatures and sunshine make us feel much better - and spring is only a month-and-a-half away!

While I putzed around in the shop yesterday and today, I didn’t really accomplish anything - my shoulder has a way of letting me know when I’m doing too much, which, these days really isn’t much at all. So, I’ve been surfing the internet and found a few photos of me sailing my GIS at Stony Creek Metro Park, a bit north of Detroit, with the Creek Fleet Sailing Club in August, 2011.

Creekfleet Sailing Club

The cover photo shows my Goat in the midst of the fleet on a very light-air evening. If you click the Photos link, click the Archived Online Photos link, and scroll through Summer 2011, there are a few more photos of my Goat

If I had seen these photos before, I had forgotten them… Fun to see.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Despite a quick foray into near spring-like temperatures mid-week, no boat-work or woodworking ensued.

So, what do I do while waiting for the shoulder repair? Reading books (this week a history, a who-done-it, and a Stephen King novel), researching the next boat (yeah, I know, FINISH Gardens first!), resting soft tissue (aka napping), catching up with on-line small boat forum posts of interest, overthinking what needs doing on Gardens, and pondering the imponderables…

One of those imponderables is the internet forum phenomenon of people posting to threads when what they post adds nothing to or - worse - detracts from the discussion. Internet forums (regardless of the topic) are great for staying in touch with like-minded (sometimes not-so-like-minded) people, seeing what others are doing, problem solving, sharing project progress, asking questions and sometimes (too often) disagreeing and arguing. But, really, posting for the sake of posting without really contributing to a thread - and I don’t mean “thread drift” (accidental or otherwise)?

Okay, off the soapbox…

Looking forward to the intersection of a mended shoulder and spring. Could be a long wait…

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Plan B

Going into the winter, Plan A was to finish Gardens and launch her in the spring. That was Plan A even though I was anticipating knee replacement surgery in early winter.

In early December I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, which was confirmed with an MRI. Surgery on the shoulder is set for January 31. The surgeon says full recovery will take three or four months depending on how diligent I am with PT. I plan to be very diligent - but that gets me to knee surgery in May, or possibly June. And that recovery will have me ready for the second knee replacement. Aging is not for the weak…

Plan B is to focus on these medical concerns and do what I can on Gardens as recovery allows. So, progress will be slow (yes, slower than it has been!) and Gardens’ launch may not happen until spring of next year.

In the meantime, Gardens waits patiently in the barn...

Have patience my friends. I’ll continue with the blog - although my posts may drift a bit from work on Gardens.