Friday, August 30, 2013

A First For Me... Amine Blush

Working on bits and pieces, I began coating the cheeks for the rudder stock and the anchor well deck with epoxy.

The anchor well deck received two coats without any issues but the third coat had an oily/waxy film after the epoxy cured. So did the first coat on the rudder stock cheeks. I was surprised. This is the first time I've experienced this amine blush phenomenon in the eight years I've been using epoxy. Yeah, I know, "...even when you can't see it, it is there..." but, honestly, I've never experienced it before. I've never washed epoxy coatings with warm water before applying the next coat and I've never had a failure...

From what I've read, the likely culprit was this week's hot and humid conditions (although I have used the same resin and hardener in similar conditions without issue). I'll need to mind conditions a bit more closely than in the past. Still no success in finding a trailer...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Busy Summer

Nearly three months without an entry - or much boat work for that matter! But, it has been a busy summer: traveling (Colorado, three trips to Cleveland, Traverse City and Les Cheneaux Islands on Michigan's UP), biking (three long charity rides - 50, 80 and 145 miles plus almost daily riding), sailing (Dickerson Lake, Grand Haven Pirate Fest, Les Cheneaux Islands), milling lumber from downed trees on the property and planning a wedding . Huh, doesn't sound like all that much… but it has been a busy summer!
I have begun shopping for a trailer. Currently there are not many decent used trailers for sale in Western Michigan but that could change. On the other hand, I like the idea of a new trailer - I get to create (or prevent) my own troubles with lights and bearings… However, talks with two trailer dealers were less than satisfying ("We don't do sailboat trailers." "Okay, think of it as a 17' fishing boat." "Yeah, but we don't do sailboat trailers.") I am waiting on a reply from a marina up north that sells and services powerboats, sailboat AND trailers. If they can help me, it will be worthwhile to drive four hours (round trip) to get a new trailer. I'd like to get a trailer as soon as possible so we can move Gardens from the shop in Fenwick to its new home at the Farm. There are alternatives to moving the project other than a boat trailer but I think a boat trailer is my first choice. As for actual boat work, I am fabricating the rudder stock and shaping the blade. The spars are nearly done - and I have the hardware to outfit the main yard so that could happen soon. The important thing here is, work on Gardens is resuming.