Saturday, April 25, 2020

Yes, A New Project...

Two days ago I complained a bit about having a long list of half-completed projects despite having plenty of time to work on boat projects.

So, what did I do?

That's right, I started another project! I decided to sand the yard back to bare wood and re-varnish it. Why? Well, I've never been happy with the looks, which resulted from not getting enough epoxy into the f/g sleeve I put on the yard.

That speckled look annoyed me but it wouldn't sand out (well, it did today), additional coats of epoxy didn't change the look, and neither did multiple coats of varnish. The look is cosmetic but still I found it annoying.

Prepped for the shop or to go shopping? Well, today it was for the shop.

Using a Shinto Rasp/File/Saw and 80 and 100 grit disks on a pair of ROS, I was able to remove the varnish, epoxy, and F/G. I'll finish the sanding tomorrow with 120 grit and begin to varnish. It will take a while to apply enough coats of varnish but that is okay as the weather, good enough to varnish, isn't good enough to go sailing. I'll re-install the leather (and move it up the yard to where it will actually do some good)before the yard will be ready to go.

In other news, we (Jan actually) made progress on the name boards today! Photo-op on Gardens tomorrow.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Time and Projects

We all have plenty of time on our hands right now...

I have many projects to be completed...

New Rigging: New halyards, sheets, snotters, etc., have been measured, cut, and whipped, and continuous loops for the yard and boom have been spliced - but cannot be installed until Gardens comes out of the barn and the masts can be stepped.

Dock-side Boarding Assist: Everything is set to go but, for some reason, the pads/bases haven't been installed.

Capsize Re-boarding System: Bronze fittings (from Port Townsend Foundry) have installed. Webbing purchased but not measured, cut to size, and sewn. Soft shackles to attach the webbing have been spliced and ready to be installed.

Painting Centerline: Gardens needs her centerline repainted. Boat stands have been built and are ready for warmer weather (so the trailer can be pulled out). Gardens will be lifted off the trailer, the trailer pulled out, boat stands placed under the hull, and the hull stabilized fore and aft with props.

Hinged Tiller: The two pieces for the hinged tiller have been prepped but the wooden hinge (essentially a U-shaped channel made of wood) failed. A length of aluminum rectangular tubing is on its way from the supplier, so further work on this project is on hold.

Name Boards: The boards have been cut, fit, drilled, and painted, but the lettering has not been painted yet. To be honest, the sheer strake needs at least one (maybe two) coat of fresh paint before the name boards are installed.

Other projects thought-about-but-still-pending include a topping lift, lazy-jacks, mast lifting device to help un-step the mast, electric bilge pump, cockpit tent/shelter, camping needs (galley box, sleeping arrangements, etc.).

So, lots of time, lots of projects in the works... I need to make some progress!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Shackles, Loops and Stands

My intended use for soft shackles on Gardens: Anchoring webbing reboarding system to the boat (fittings are through-fastened bronze eyes from Port Townsend Foundry, and, yes, they may be a bit oversized...)(webbing to be added):

There will be next-to-no load on the shackles until the reboarding system is deployed and used, so I wonder if there is any risk of the soft shackle working itself open. I plan to find out.

My intended use for a continuous loop: The attachment point for the halyard on the yard.

There was no slipping of the attachment point when I hung the yard (no sail or boom attached) by this loop. The added weight could make a difference but I'll find out before our first sail this year.

I need to do some touch-up painting of the centerline this spring. This is not possible with Gardens on her trailer, so I am preparing boat stands so I can access the centerline. Here is the forward stand (still needs cleats on top of the pad to create a channel to capture the centerline skeg):
The rear stand is nearly completed (but not enough for photos this afternoon).