Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rub-Rails, Trim and Foredeck

Thursday we ripped the rub-rails and trim pieces out of a 20' piece of mahogany.

The trim pieces have been pre-soaking since Saturday. We'll steam bend them Tuesday or Wednesday. The rub-rails will follow later in the week.

Friday I marked off, cut out and test-fitted the port side of the foredeck. Everything went well and it looks good.

I clamped it down the center-line of the king plank and then began clamping the edge to the gun'l. Surprisingly, to me, clamping it using bottom of the sheer plank worked! When I install the decking I will use more clamps than I used on Friday. Part of me wonders what I did wrong with the sheer plank as almost everyone says there is no convenient way to clamp the deck in place… Maybe I'm missing something? At any rate, using the bottom of the sheer plank seems to work for me.

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