Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Painting the Sheer Plank... and Thoughts on Green

The sheer planks are epoxied and ready for paint.

I decided sometime last year I wanted the sheer plank to be a dark green and my choice was "Hunter Green." Last October, when I did a story board with the Hunter Green for the sheer plank, "Fired Clay" (brings to mind a dark terra cotta, doesn't it? It is more of a soft cream color) for the hull and strips of DF representing the rub-rails and trim (the real ones are mahogany), I thought the Hunter Green might be too dark. But I wanted to see what it looks like in bright, full sunlight… It still looks dark - nearly black. So we began sampling other greens. We discovered two things:
  • There are way too many shades of green; and
  • There is a wide gap between the Hunter Green we began with and the next darkest shade we could find.
We did pick out a green we like: Benjamin Moore's "Forest Foliage" (where they come up with these names is anyone's guess) and it contrasts nicely with the Fired Clay of the hull. The first coat of Forest Foliage went on late this afternoon.

The near-term sequence should go something like this:
  • Paint the sheer planks
  • Install the trim pieces
  • Install the decking
  • Install the rub-rails
Of course, there is a multitude of other work to be done - some of it before the decks are installed.

But we're getting there!


  1. What a teaser! Or else that is the brownest green I have ever seen. ;)

    1. Sorry, Tim. That's about the brownest epoxy over ply you'll see! The first coat of green went on late this afternoon. It looks good but a few more coats will look better. :)