Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Working on the aft and side decking is really just a form of procrastination: Doing something new, fun and interesting is so much better than prepping the bilges for paint.

The stern decking - a single piece of 6mm ply - took its shape rather handily after I flattened the transom and enough clamps. I'll add doublers where the mizzen mast goes through the deck and trim along the front edge.

Side decks are progressing, too. A flush trim bit in the router, the side of the hull and the carlins make quick work of cutting the decking to size.

I'm still contemplating the foredeck: How to bend the ply to the contour when there really isn't much to clamp it to. Since it has been done before by others, I just need to figure out what will work for me.


  1. Bob -- here's what worked for me: ratchet straps. I was also able to take 18" bar clamps and hook the bottom edge of the top plank, and pull the deck edge down that way, but it made me nervous. Ratchet straps and optimism, along with a few temporary drywall screws as needed, seemed to work pretty well for me.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I've got a few ratchet straps in the shop. I'll see if I can use them.