Friday, April 29, 2016

Shopping Trip

We drove down to LL Johnson Lumber in Charlotte this morning. I picked out one 4/4 x 7" x 20' piece of mahogany for the rub rails. I also picked out 30bf of cherry for various non-boat projects. The cherry purchase was to help defray the delivery charges… The lumber will be delivered on Tuesday. Always fun to shop for lumber!

So, sometime later next week (when I can gather the help) I'll rip the mahogany for the rub rails. A day or two later we can steam bend the rub rails and have them ready to install.

Today I pulled the clamps on the carlins and the king plank. Everything looks fine. After some sanding and fairing I can begin fitting the fore and side decks.

Despite my recent whining about not making much progress, things seem to be surging forward now. This feels good!

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