Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Boat Tent: Decision and Prep

 I've thought about a boat tent for quite a while... one reason I haven't done any boat camping is because I didn't have a tent (that probably qualifies as a self-fulfilling excuse). 

So, after recent reading, YouTubing, and discussions there seem to be three basic design choices:

  • Boom Tent: The boom acts as a ridge pole with the tent draped over the boom and secured along the sides or deck, forming an A-shaped tent.
  • Hoop Frame (Barrel or Conestoga style):  Tubing of some sort (PVC, fiberglass tent poles, bamboo) is bent athwart-ship to form a frame to support the tent material. 
  • Suspension Tent: The tent is suspended under the boom and secured to the sides or deck creating an A-shaped tent. This is something of a variation of the traditional boom tent but is subtly different
Gardens has a balance-lug yawl sail plan. The boom extends forward of the mast which, along with being rigged with lazy-jacks, does not lend itself to a traditional boom tent set-up. 

I've decided to develop a suspension tent similar the tent Steve Earley uses on Spartina

The prep work has begun. Clearing some space behind Gardens in the barn so she can be moved back a few feet to allow enough clearance to step the masts inside the barn. I purchased some 3-mil painters' drop cloth to use in mocking up the tent panels. A few bits of hardware (hooks and a boom bail) have been ordered from DuckWorks. The next few days will be marginally warmer so I plan to begin work soon.

In the meantime, here is a bit of motivation for getting boat work done during the winter.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Re-Set and Planning

Seems I've done very little with, for, or on Gardens in a very long time. Time for a re-set and a return to boat work. However, because it is mid-winter in Michigan, I am once again at the "What about...?" stage of planning and projects.

So, what is in the works?

    Boat Camping Gear: Tent; Cooking Kit, Sleeping Arrangements

    New Rudder Blade: Stalled (bit and collet are STUCK in the router (may need to replace router)

     Sling Re-Entry System (Howard Rice's design): Webbing needs sewing, final fit in the spring

One recently completed task: I've joined TSCA and DCA. Not sure of any local or regional activities for either group, but I am looking forward to each Association's publication.