Sunday, September 4, 2016

Returning to Work

As expected, I've been medically cleared to resume normal activities…

Began re-purposing the Boat Cave: removing the overhead so I can set up a chain hoist to raise/lower Gardens on & off her trailer. (I'll rebuild the Boat Cave in November so I can work through the winter.)

I've got most of the components I need for setting up the hoist and I'm waiting on UPS to deliver (possibly Tuesday, probably Wednesday) the webbing I'll use for the sling.

About two years ago I purchased an air-cooled 2 HP Johnson outboard to use as a kicker (in and out of a marina if need be). This summer I finally figured out it doesn't fit Gardens well enough to be useable… so I now plan to use an electric trolling motor for the same purpose. This week I finished up (milled, drilled, sanded) a white oak blank for the motor mount. It still needs epoxy and/or varnish.

Bilge clean-up and painting resumes this coming week; soon to be followed by installation of the cockpit seats and platform decking.

Having lost two full months of prime boat-building time, I am excited to be getting back to work on Gardens. And, finally, I am (pretty) confident enough to plan a Spring 2017 launch!