Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Warmth, Epoxy and Experimenting

Back in business with a full tank of propane and a warming Boat Cave…

The undersides of the seat panels were coated with the first coat of epoxy late this afternoon and should be ready for the second coat in the morning.

The rigging plan calls for six cheek blocks for reefing lines and lazy-jacks so I've been experimenting with making my own.
The sheaves are from Duckworks and the wood is from the scrap bin. The white oak sample looks better to me than the CVG DF sample. Four of these to the boom, two on the mast. I need to do a bit of reverse engineering to get the drilling, cutting and shaping to a workable sequence (as evidenced by the off-center fastener!). I also want to find better looking machine screws - maybe pan head. Or maybe just a bit more thickness to better counter-sink the fastener.

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