Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snow, Sanding, and Mizzen Mock-ups…

Winter weather has returned with wind and snow. Accumulation of 3"-5" this afternoon and 3"-5" more expected overnight.

It is not bitter cold so the Boat Cave is at a workable 54° and sanding has resumed. I hope I remember to be more careful with epoxy on my next build to reduce sanding to a minimum.

I've completed the mizzen mast mock-ups. Both are birdsmouth construction using pine I have stockpiled in the barn. Both are 2½" OD.

One, using 16mm x 27mm staves has an inside dimension of 41mm. The tenon x-section (28mm x 30mm) is smaller than the plug x-section, so none of the staves had to be cut for the tenon.

The second one, built with 19mm x 27mm staves has an inside dimension of 25mm. The tenon x-section is larger than the plug x-section so, when cutting the tenon, the staves are necessarily cut into (yeah, grammatically incorrect, I am sure). This mock-up is long/tall enough to help me get the mast cut-outs in the rear seat and deck just right without having to haul Gardens outside to step the mast.

The second mock-up is certainly more robust than the first, but the first one ought to be sturdy enough for the mizzen mast. And I like that the tenon is cut of a single piece. I plan to build the mizzen mast with 16mm x 26mm staves fashioned from CVG DF (which I have on hand)… as soon as the weather permits. The mast will have a slight taper to it for aesthetics.

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