Sunday, February 14, 2016


We had a bit of excitement over the weekend: two bald eagles spent nearly an hour in our back yard Saturday afternoon! They are spectacular! It was fascinating to watch the eagles sit, fly a short loop and resettle in a tree before repeating the cycle while they visited. The small birds didn't seem to pay much attention (the small birds disappear when a hawk is in the area) but we saw no squirrels while the eagles were in the yard (usually there are up to a dozen squirrels around - but not when a hawk is near). Sorry to say I have no useable photos.

The last few days have been colder… Down to 1°F on the back deck this morning (translates to 10°F in the Boat Cave). The propane tank ran empty on Friday so I couldn't test the heater against the weekend's low temperatures), so there's been no boat work over the last few days. The forecast is promising warming temperatures this week and I'll refill the propane tank, so I expect to get back to work on Gardens in the next day or so.

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