Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Operator Error and a Question

Interesting - and strange - result from yesterday's adventure using a tick-stick to mark-off one piece of the foreword platform deck. I used the same stick, the same type of foam-core for the pattern and the same technique I used for the seat panels. But there is nearly a 1" gap - much too wide for epoxy to fill - between the hull and the deck panel. The gap is not consistent: wider in some places than others but it is certainly annoying that I am unable to use this bit of ply (yes, it will be used for other items)! I have no idea why/how this happened (other than operator error) but I do know that I now have another (much pricier) pattern piece to use with the tick stick tomorrow.

After a bit more tweaking, I'm satisfied with how the king plank fits with the stem, BH-1 and BH-2. The anchor well, however, has not yet been painted so the king plank has not been installed.

I've been pondering a question for some time now: Cockpit drain tubes? Necessary or nice-to-have? Drain tubes are not shown on the plans (unless I'm badly mistaken) but I know a number of builders have installed them.


  1. Since you ask, make draining tubes from the fore deck to the cockpit. Best in my experience now, is to make them as on the outside of the fore deck and as much aft as possible. while sailing you will get water in the boat. When she heels the water has nowhere to go if you make drains anywhere but on the lowest side of the fore deck. I have just bought PVC scuppers to capture the water and bring it to the cockpit. Do it now while you can reach all the places you need to reach.

    1. Thanks Rik. I hadn't really thought about draining the platform deck. How much water are you talking about? (Just curious. Always good to draw on someone's experience.)

      I'll search for scuppers and include that modification when I install the platform decking and seats.