Sunday, February 7, 2016

Paint and Hatches

Today felt more like March than February. The sunshine and mid-40 temperatures were a surprise as the forecast called for cloudy and cold. It was great!

The anchor well has been painted - but at least one more coat of paint will be needed.

Work has begun on access hatches. Well, actually, the work is to install doublers so the fasteners don't go through the plywood (creating annoyingly sharp snags on the back side).

An 8" hatch in the middle of the stern seat provides access to the lower pintle fasteners and storage.

The port and starboard compartments at the stern will be sealed and not used for storage.

Doublers are being added for the hatches in the cockpit seat-fronts. These doublers should have been added when I built the seat-fronts but that was then (and I didn't even think about it) and this is now.

There will, obviously, be more paint and more hatches!

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