Friday, February 19, 2016

Sanding, Sanding, Sanding… and More Sanding

Sunshine and warmer (55°F) temperatures are certainly welcome and buoy the spirits a good bit. No major milestones to report but things do seem to be happening.

Lots of sanding going on toward finishing the bilges.

The operator error I noted earlier this month isn't as bad as I thought. The too-wide gap along the edge resulted from me not paying attention to fitting the panel around the chine. The chine was holding the panel too high, creating more of a gap forward of where the panel crossed the chine. Cut a little here, sand a little there and now... the panel fits well enough to use!

Two other projects, unrelated to Gardens, were completed: Simple mahogany picture frames for two pieces of Jan's artwork. Not a big deal but my miter corners and finishes are definitely improving!

I've about given up with my overly optimistic plans and time frames. Things happen when they do, not when I think they will. And sanding seems to never end!


  1. Yes, I remember, sand until you are totally over it, that's about half way there.
    Great to see you are progressing so well and the temperatures are on the improve.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words... but I'm only half-way through the sanding? Wonderful...

    2. The quality of your work shows the effort you've put in though. I doubt you'd be happy with a rough sanding job.
      Like the look of your timber sheave blocks, the Phillips head screws do seem out of place, maybe use a brass or bronze slotted head screw instead, will tarnish to a nice brown and blend in better.

    3. Thanks again Denis. Oh, I realize I've got more sanding ahead of me.

      The cheek blocks will work out just fine. I don't like the look of the Phillips head fastener, but it is convenient for puttering. I hope to use bronze fasteners for the finished blocks.