Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winterizing the Boat Bay

The winterization of the Boat Bay is nearing completion: Creating a smaller space with simple framing of 2x4s tied in with the barn's posts & beams and lined with 4x8 foil faced foam insulation panels.

Two days ago I emptied the Boat Bay - except for Gardens - and moved everything into the yard. Hard to believe all that stuff was sharing the space with Gardens.

Of course, all that stuff had to be brought back inside that evening - considering the rain in the forecast… Fortunately, we found new homes for most of that stuff elsewhere in the barn.

Three of the four walls have been lined with insulation and the seams taped . Framing and paneling the fourth wall are next, to be followed by installation of the overhead panels. Winterization should be completed in time for Friday's expected cold and snow. I can get back to boat work soon...

I am hoping the smaller, insulated space will give me more work time on both ends of winter. Hopefully, warming this new space (the Boat Cave, roughly 2,500cf) will be easier to warm than the old space (Boat Bay, roughly 13,000cf) - which really is an impossible task. One thing is certain: even without the overhead panels installed the Boat Cave, with its foiled walls, is a brighter, lighter space. The Boat Bay seemed to suck the light out of the work lights I use.

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