Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Little Every Day

Gardens looks great to me right side up.

There is a lot to do but this new, right-right-side-up perspective is motivating - even if the tasks aren't always too exciting: sanding the interior (prepping for paint), adding support material for the mast step, fitting the mock-up King Plank; gluing up some "left over" CVG DF for the King Plank; and other miscellaneous tasks.

I am hoping to extend my working time in the Boat Bay by installing temporary walls lined with foil-faced insulation panels. The overhead will be insulated, too. A couple guys at Scamp Camp in Eaton Rapids, MI suggested this idea in late September and I am getting the job done now. We'll see if it does let me work later into the winter and earlier next spring.

Nothing spectacular, but following the adage: Do something every day, Gardens is progressing.

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