Sunday, November 8, 2015

Taking Inventory

Okay, so I'm not sure "inventory" is the correct terminology for listing what needs to be done on a project but that's what I did today. There is a lot to do…

I took time to admire the lines John created and to enjoy those lines lit by the afternoon sun filtering through the barn.

I began work on the king plank - although I am a long way from installing it. Also played with a couple of notions about placement of the mast step (well, not so much as it needs to go where John designed it to go), how to support it based on John's notes (am I interpreting those notes correctly?) and how to deal with stepping the mast. This last issue is critical.

John drew up a sail plan based on the 100sf Scamp lug sail. The front of the mast is 76mm aft of BH-1. This raises the question: How do i bring the mast to vertical, lean/reach across the deck forward of BH-2 and drop the mast through the deck? Not very easily. A mast gate solves that issue - but raises a number of other questions re the entire structure between BH-1 and BH-2 as well as concerns about the integrity/stiffness of the hull at BH-2. So, I have plenty to think about as I work at prepping Gardens' interior for paint (bilges) and laying out the cockpit decking.


  1. Lovely pics, you must be so inspired by the new views of Gardens.
    Ross Lillistone designed a nice way of mast stepping for his Phoenix III beach boat, although a different cockpit layout, you may get some ideas from his website .

    1. Thanks. Yes, these new views of Gardens are inspiring. Thanks, too, for pointing to Ross Lillistone's mast stepping. I will check that out