Sunday, November 29, 2015

Boat Work Resumes

The Boat Cave is 99% complete - figuring out how to install the door panel so I can close off the space and still access it easily is about all there is to do to finish the Cave.

As for the boat work…
  • Two small gaps between the second plank and BH-1 have been filled (the heater box, a shop light and black plastic provided enough heat for the epoxy). Sanding and painting of the bow space to follow.
  • The cockpit seats are being fitted. This process has always been tricky for me but slowly and carefully it is getting there. I am beginning at the aft end as the shapes seem to be more regular and there seems to be fewer detailed-cut-around shapes,
  • The cleats supporting the edges of the cockpit seats need to be fitted and glued. Again, the heater box, black plastic and a shop light will provide enough heat for the epoxy to cure .
  • Three pieces of CVG DF have been glued up for the King Plank. The fit of the 1x pine board template for the Kink Plank is being tweaked to get a better fit around the stem. I plan to leave the King Plank long so there is room to "play' with how the deck will fit (how far aft of BH-2 do I want the deck to extend?).

  • John Welsford's post re laminating a tiller for SEI pushed me to begin the same process for Gardens' tiller. I plan to use some ash we cut on the property two years ago laminated with walnut.

Gardens has fresh recruits all ready to set sail:

And one of those recruits tried out the forward end of the sleeping platform - he doesn't seem to think decking the space is necessary. That would certainly speed up completion of the interior!


  1. Bob, good progress. Please check where the king plank meets the bow. I had to play with it such that the upper stringers are flush with the kingplank at the bow.

    1. Thanks, Rik. I've been wondering about that detail. Now I can work on getting the king plank flush with the upper stringers.