Monday, April 29, 2013

Spars... continuing

Boomkin: The shaping of the boomkin - by way of a block plane, rasp, grinder, ROS and hand sanding - continues. This is one of those projects that I can only spend a few minutes on at a time, so the progress is slow.

Main Yard: The tapers have been cut. The more wood I take out of this blank, the looser it becomes. By "looser" I mean it is less stiff. I plan to measure the stiffness - probably tomorrow - to see if what I think I see is supported by the data.

On the other hand, I also plan to build two other yards using different building methods in a search for a light, stiff yard that is simple to build and doesn't cost a fortune. I've already mentioned plans for a birds-mouth spar of appropriate dimensions. Also on tap is something I jokingly call a "four-sided birds-mouth" spar: four identically sized pieces (say, 19mm x 44mm) cut to the proper length and lap joined to create a 63mm square cross-section. This can then be planed to a 53mm (or smaller) square cross-section with 15mm (or less) thick walls or shaped into a round spar.

Main Boom: The 9mm sides have been glued to the frame and cut/trimmed to shape using a trim router with a flush cut bit.

The edges need rounding over; the plywood butt joins need some sanding and fairing; and the entire boom needs sanding before it will be ready for varnish. This boom feels significantly heavier to me than the boom I did for Karen Ann (my Goat Island Skiff). That boom has 6mm plywood sides. I will weigh the new boom and measure its stiffness once it is ready for varnish.

Main and Mizzen Mast Steps and the Boomkin Mount are slowly progressing toward completion.

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