Monday, April 15, 2013

Spar Work

The main boom frame is glued up. Not much to tell as it went pretty smoothly - no spilled epoxy, no giant globs of goo where they shouldn't be (hey, I even put wax paper under the frame to keep from gluing it to the spar bench!), no known disasters…

The frame will be sanded and prepped for the plywood sides. The plywood sides will be fitted and glued tomorrow.

Risers were added to the bench to make gluing and clamping spar blanks easier.

The blank for the mizzen boom was glued up today. I used two 8' long 1x2s, which glued face-to-face create a 1.5" (38mm) square cross-sectioned blank. This will be planed, trimmed, shaped and rounded to a 6'10" spar 32mm in diameter.

And, to help turn the square blanks into round spars, I (with help) made a spar gauge.

The spar gauge will be put to use tomorrow to mark the lines to turn the four-sided blank into an octagon (on its way to becoming a round spar).

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