Friday, April 19, 2013

Famous Last Words...

From Wednesday's post:

"Tomorrow will be another busy day: picking up lumber, installing the new tires on the band saw, sanding the mizzen boom (will pick up 50 or 60 grit sandpaper), gluing up the blank for the main yard and milling the boomkin."

Well, okay, maybe not famous and certainly not last, but those words at the end of my last post were meant to be a preview of the next day's activities. So, here I am, two days later waiting for the good weather to return.

Rain and snow (yes, snow) kept me from picking up the materials for the main yard and mizzen mast, which means I didn't glue up the blank for the yard.

The band saw is back in operation after my wrestling match with the new tires. With the new tires and guide blocks the saw seems to be running more smoothly and quieter. The few test cuts I did were much smoother than the cuts have been. Perhaps paying attention to the guide blocks and adjusting them correctly really does make a difference. (It does, really.)

I did pick up some 50-grit sandpaper and continued work on the mizzen boom. It has been sanded with 50 and 80-grit paper and is ready for 120, possibly 150, and then varnish. Varnishing will have to wait for better conditions. Besides, I think I'd rather have several spars ready before I begin varnishing.

Milling the boomkin will have to wait for warmer weather, too. It was just too cold in the shop to work on it today.

So, tomorrow's list looks much like Wednesday's: pick up lumber, glue-up yard blank and mill the boomkin.

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