Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Plodding Continues...

The last two platform deck panels have been rough cut. Trimming them to fit is a bit tedious and incomplete so, no photos of that work yet.

Planning the "how-to" of cutting the slot in the real king plank is taking a bit of my time. I plan to use the router with a pattern bit and pattern but having never used that technique, I'm trying to think my way through the process before actually cutting into the plank.

Planning how to install the centerboard is another time-consuming endeavor. (None of this planning is taking away from actual work on Gardens!) Some modification to the as-built centerboard trunk may be necessary and, if so, that that modification would facilitate the installation. I need to think more about that before I make a decision.

Sanding of the bilges is nearing completion. I'll really, really, really need to pay more attention to my epoxy techniques on my next build.

So, the plodding continues… the good news is: progress is being made.


  1. Take little bits at a time with the router, or it will take lumps and chunks, of course you can fix those with epoxy like I did😊

    1. Thanks for the tip. I'll try not to take lumps or chunks...