Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Short Respite

We took a coupe of days to visit my daughter in Chicago. We had a fun time helping with some DIY projects, discovering new-to-us coffee houses - Bow Truss and Intelligentsia (both have good coffee, Bow Truss was more relaxed and comfortable) -and enjoying good food and beverages in interesting places. Whiskey Business features a very nice whiskey list and has good bar-burger type food. Dry Hop is a craft brew pub featuring their own beers (the ones I sampled are very good) and they have an excellent whiskey list, too. Dry Hop offers their own variations of bar-burgers and hot sandwiches. We had thought we'd visit the museums while in town but those will have to wait for another visit.

So much for the travelogue…

Today I set about cleaning the shop, planning this week's tasks and preparing for the mild weather (50s & 60s) expected this week. Part of that planning and preparation involved reviewing the build instructions and the drawings… which lead me to the decision to build yet another main mast step. One of these days I'll get it right.

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