Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mast/King Plank Mock-Up

Sanding isn't everything so I've entertained myself with a mock-up of the main mast. Shown here with the king plank template:

While these photos illustrate the concept I'm working on (the slot to facilitate stepping the mast), there is work to be done to refine and finalize the details of the concept. (Note: This mast position is different than what is shown on the Lug Yawl Plans available through Duckworks.) A plug to fill the slot and hold the mast in place is in the works.

I think this stub mast may have, with some refinements, a future as a mast support when trailering Gardens.


  1. That's a great layout, will be be so much easier to raise the rig than a hole in the deck. You may want to invent something to guide the mast foot to the step, it will help to protect the planking in case of a mishap. There's always so much to think about even with a full set of plans, sometimes it huts your head.
    Happy messing about, and sanding........

    1. Thanks! I, too, think this system will make it easier to step the mast than a hole the size of the mast. Ideas for some sort of guide for the mast are percolating through my mind but nothing has materialized yet. There is a lot to think about although more frequent and mindful attention to the plans might save me some time, energy and materials!