Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Deck Panels, Mast Step Revisited and Walnut(s)

The platform deck panels have been cut and fitted. Next will be cut-outs for access hatches (need to get to the CB hardware), doublers for the hatches, epoxy and paint. In between those tasks, I will finish up prepping the bilges for paint.

One more refinement to the main mast step I discovered as I worked with the mast mock-up. As built, I cannot rake the mast as called for in the plans, so I'll remove the (vertical) mortise from of the most recent step and replace it with a raked mortise.

I may have to consider a bit of walnut trim somewhere on Gardens. On each of the last three days I've found a walnut in the boat. Maybe the squirrels are trying to tell me something… Maybe I should replace the maple spacers in the step with walnut... (although no one would notice it there)

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