Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Had to rearrange plans to accommodate my help - hey, stuff happens.

Today was well spent on preparing the work-space for the glue-up. The spar bench and a set of roller stands (to support the staves while we slather on epoxy) were set up - fortunately the space is about 43' long.


Jan and I did a dry fit and got everything together.

When I realized that my largest hose clamps did not fit the bottom end of the mast, I figured I'd have to chase down larger clamps in the morning.

However, when I mentioned this to one of tomorrow's helpers I learned something new. He told me to link two smaller hose clamps together to get the size I needed. Works like a charm.

With three of us working together - one mixing epoxy, two spreading epoxy and three clamping the assembly - the glue-up should go well tomorrow. (The beer - for after the glue-up - is on ice in the cooler. It should be very cold and welcome tomorrow!)

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