Thursday, September 24, 2015

Busy Times

This has been a busy week: Jan's hip surgery (it went well and she is home recovering); painting contractor doing their thing (painting the house); other routine household tasks that aren't difficult for me but take time and even a bit of boat work.

The mast is coming along nicely albeit slowly. It takes time and effort to take the octagonal blank to round.

The fairing of the hull is proceeding better than I expected. Painting will begin soon - possibly Saturday but no later than Sunday!

Figuring out a mast-gate arrangement involves a bit of mental gymnastics with a few sketches thrown in for good measure. I think I know how I want to build the mast gate but it will probably a bit of trial and error when it come time to actually installing it in Gardens. Fortunately, I have time to think about that project.

So, Jan is doing very well; the house looks great with its new paint scheme; the septic tank is empty; the propane tank is full and progress is being made on Gardens. Life is good.

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