Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Main Mast Assembled

Plugs were all cut and fit by lunchtime Monday, so Jan and I finished assembling the main mast that afternoon.

Finished plugs - and I checked the plans multiple times and measured and marked the positions for the plugs - before assembling the mast:


Small batches of mixed epoxy kept us busy - Jan applying while I mixed the next batch and repeat…

The two halves went together without difficulty and all seams looked good. We used all the hose clamps we had… I'm sure we had enough.

The clamps came off this morning and the mast looks good. There is, however, a good bit of sanding ahead to round it out. Fortunately, the weather has broken and both the temperature and humidity have eased. Sanding will not be quite so awful over the next couple of days.

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