Thursday, July 24, 2014

Working on the Bottom

A long, long time ago - or so it seems - when I cut the slot for the centerboard trunk, I cut it a bit too long. There has been a small gap (hole) in the bottom just aft end of the centerboard trunk. Not really a big deal and I figured I would repair it when I turned the boat over to work on the bottom. Well, here we are… Gardens has been upside down for about three weeks and that gap/hole is still there…

I fashioned a plug out of Douglas fir, fit it and glued it in place today.

Not sure why the lighting is so different in these photos - they were taken just minutes apart. The plug stands proud of the bottom which allows me to sand/grind it flush with the bottom (I'd rather do that than try to fill it in if the plug was below the bottom). There will be some additional work to finish the repair when I build out the interior but nothing major.

The gap between the bottom and the port-side garboard has been filled and covered with two layers of FG (4" tape overlapped with 6" tape).

Work continues on matching the starboard planks to the port-side planks, filling the fastener holes in the bottom and laminating an external stem.

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