Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fairing the Planks

I began fairing the planks this week.

Without having a 20' batten, or the means to make one, I am using masking tape to line off each plank. It is a bit tedious to place the tape, step back for a look, adjust the tape, look again, and so forth until getting what appears to me (and I hope) is a fair line. But, it is what I have to work with and, so far, I am pleased with the results.

Using a multi-tool, block plane, a palm sander and a sanding block I trimmed two planks on the port side to the tape. The third plank will be masked off and trimmed tomorrow.

The measurements of the port side planks will be transferred to the starboard side planks, which should be trimmed to shape Monday and Tuesday.

The butt seams are being filled and faired as are the chines (the seam between the bottom and the garboard plank). Once the chines are filled and faired, the bottom will be ready for epoxy and fiber glass cloth… maybe by the middle of next week.

My new table saw arrived on Wednesday. It has been set up and works beautifully.


  1. Good idea to use the tape as reference Bob! Good to see you at it again.

    1. Thanks Rik. It feels good to be working on Gardens again!