Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Waiting for Tools

My new-to-me band saw is ready to be picked up this week. It will probably have to come home in two trips as the Escape is not large enough to hold the saw and stand.

The brand new table saw will be here next week! That means I need to de-clutter the shop to make room for the new saw. How is it that a new space can become so cluttered in such a short time?

While waiting for the saws, I have been busy figuring out how to build a layout table for laminating the stem; and, not so coincidentally, where to put the layout table. Checking the barn for what might be useful (my new "first step" for projects), I found another 4x8 sheet of chipboard, two 2x10x10 planks (previously used in my spar table) and two idle sawhorses. An "instant" table:

photo 408

I'll plot the points defining the shape of the bow on the table, secure blocks at those points and proceed with laminating the stem. Of course, I need to find the lumber for the stem and mill it to a workable size. I haven't seen anything in the barn as yet that is long enough (and not peppered with old, rusty nails) but there may be something out there. Otherwise, I'll have to visit the lumber yard for new material.

In quasi-boat related news, the Escape gets a tow hitch and wiring installed tomorrow. I'm still looking for a trailer for Gardens.

In totally non-boat related news, we had a great time attending a Bonnie Raitt concert last night at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. She and her band have a genuinely good time playing their music and their audiences have a great time watching and listening.

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