Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Winter-Lite and A Tiller Modification

Winter-lite is definitely here but the holidays are behind us. We've had three light snows (no more than 4" each) - all of which disappeared within a few days of falling, but nothing catastrophic (that will come soon enough). The not-so-bitter cold weather allowed me to cobble together a few Christmas presents in the shop and get them mailed before Christmas. The winter-lite conditions allow me to work in the shop for short periods of time.

The list of tasks, projects, modifications and 'new' ideas for Gardens continues to grow. And, in typical fashion, I began work on the latest addition to the list: A Hinged Tiller. A hinged tiller offers two improvements over Gardens' current set-up: 1) I won't have to crouch or bend over when standing at the helm (surprising how often I like to stand when sailing...); and, 2) Less clutter in the cockpit at the dock or when anchored with the tiller swung up to vertical. I'll keep the existing tiller as a spare.

Having asked for suggestions on the John Welsford Small Craft Design page on FaceBook, I'm basing my new tiller on John Welsford's design for his current build, Long Steps .

Beginning with a mock up of the butt end, based on the existing tiller, I'll work my way up/out to a new, longer hinged tiller with a slightly improved shape.
There should be a suitable piece of ash from the milling of an ash tree taken down on our property a few years ago. Hardware (Jan thinks bronze would look great; so do I, but bronze isn't very likely) similar to what John is using for Long Steps will have to be sourced. The new hinged tiller is far from done but at least this modification has begun.

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