Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Winter: Holidays and Tradition

The winter holidays are rapidly approaching.

The Solstice is less than two weeks away - and it can’t get here soon enough! Dark in the morning when I get up (and I sleep in!); dark way too early in the afternoon (and I don’t blame that on ST or DST, it is just the way it is).

Christmas is two weeks away and is taking over much of our waking hours. Decorating (the tree and the house); shopping (too many trips to too crowded stores); making gifts (why do I wait until December every year?) in time to mail them; mailing those gifts; party planning and food preparation (is it worth the worry? [Spoiler Alert: Yes, it is!]); and travel plans - it all takes a toll. But we always survive and, for the most part, enjoy it.

The New Year is three weeks away but at least there is little or no stress associated with the New Year (STRESS will come later in the year).

By the way, the Christmas gifts this year are simple little keepsake boxes for my children and grandchildren making use of bits and pieces from the cut-off bin and wood that has been waiting to be used. If any of the boxes were done, I’d include pictures - but as I said, Christmas is just two weeks away so, naturally, none of the boxes are done. Last minute woodworking is a tradition!

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