Monday, January 13, 2020

Three Things

Tiller Modification: Conventional Rigid to Hinged Tiller
The stub end is still a work in progress and is hidden a bit by the mock-up hinge-fitting-thingy.
A cut down and trimmed 2x4 is serving as a mock-up handle end.
Some refinements are needed but the basic concept and configuration are there.

Shinto 11" Saw Rasp
I’ve read good things about the Shinto Saw Rasp over the years but I never ordered one - until last week. I’ve been using it on the tiller modification and I have to say, I am favorably impressed. Why did I wait so long to buy one?

Name and Registration Boards: Kerf-Cut Bending Test
Following my recent Project Ideas post, Joel suggested kerf-cutting the boards to bend flat boards to contoured surfaces (like the sheer plank). A YouTube search provided a few how-to videos. Yesterday’s test cut and demo using 1x8 cedar was successful! The 1x cedar (7/8" thick) is too thick for my purposes so I'll experiment with 1/2" and 5/8" stock for the name boards.
Still considering design details (size, placement, fonts, colors, etc.) - but those details give me something to work on when I can't work in the shop.

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