Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Project Ideas

With winter weather here (ahead of schedule…) there is little opportunity to spend time in the shop actually working on boat projects.

So, the next best thing is to sit in the living room, with a cup of coffee, watching the snow fall, thinking about project ideas (and how to make those ideas work).

Painting/Repainting the Centerline. It is easy enough to take Gardens off her trailer, thanks to Elmer (the Gantry).

Blocking the boat is simple enough but supporting the boat to keep it from falling is the issue. Commercial boat stands really are not an option (too expensive). I’ve got a few ideas kicking around...

Name Boards. We’d like to add name boards but I have not figured out how to shape the ‘backside’ of a flat board to conform to the contour of the sheer plank. Same thing with the state registration numbers - I don’t like them on the outside of the coaming (seemed like a good idea at the time...)

But, same issue, how to fit a flat board to the contour of the sheer plank? I’ve got an idea to develop...

Add Wheels to Elmer (the Gantry). Elmer needs to be a bit more mobile. Dragging it around (admittedly not very far) is doable but wheels would make it easier. Older photo shows bottom one of Elmer's legs.

Adding wheels probably isn’t rocket science. Probably one wheel per side (sort of like a wheelbarrow). Wheels would only be used to move Elmer empty. I have no intention of moving the boat when it is suspended on the hoist. I just need to figure it out and do it!

Mast Lift Assist. When the main mast is unstepped it needs to be lifted about 2” to clear the mast step before I can tilt and walk it down to horizontal (not a great explanation). With a second person to help, lifting the mast is simple. By myself, reaching across the deck reduces my leverage to lift and support the mast. Strange thing is, last spring and summer I had no difficulty in handling the mast by myself. In August, with the boat on the water, I had a tough time handling the mast (good thing Jan was there). So, I’m looking for a technique or ‘device’ of some sort to make it easier for me to unstep the mast. Practice might be the answer.

No immediate rush on these, and other, ideas. Suggestions and ideas are welcome.


  1. Hi Bob,
    I have a method that I've used to get a flat board to fit on a countoured surface. Cut a series of kerfs in your flat board, about 3/4 of the board thickness deep and spaced maybe 1/2" apart (more or less depending on how severe the countour is). The kerfs should run perpendicular to the curvature of the contour. After cutting the kerfs the board should bend quite easily. Then you will fill the kerfs with epoxy/filler and clamp it to the contoured surface. Use some kitchen plastic wrap in between the board and surface unless you want to glue the board to the surface. After the epoxy cures you can remove the board and finish it up as necessary.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Joel. This technique should work well as the contours are not extreme.