Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Other Possibility...

Last Wednesday my Ryobi bench-top planer quit working. Seemed to be an electrical problem with the switch. I removed the switch (after unplugging the machine) to find three wires - one completely burned through, one scorched and the other seemingly okay. The socket for the completely burned wire was melted into a glob of burned plastic. Not a good thing in my mind.

Since the switch was screwed to the body of the planer, I figured the switch could be replaced (with new wiring, of course). So, I went exploring on the internet…

If a replacement switch was ever available, it isn't now. According to a couple different on-line parts suppliers, the switch is integrated into the Motor/Switch Assembly, which can be had for a mere $287 plus shipping.

I'm now shopping for a new planer.

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