Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Remedial Work Progress

Warts, blemishes and other flaws are being sanded, filled and otherwise repaired. Some of them will take more time and several layers of fairing but the end result should work out well.

Meanwhile, waiting for epoxy to set up, I have been preparing to build some spars. I do not have enough room in my shop to feed 12-18 feet of lumber into my table saw, and the table saw is not portable enough to move around.

A barn-found Delta 10" contractor's table saw is both serviceable and portable enough to set up in the garage where there is a level floor and enough room to mill material for Gardens' spars. After cleaning out who knows how many years of dust and debris, installing a thin-kerf ripping blade with stiffener, lengthening the fence and adjusting nearly everything, I have the saw cutting square. Test cuts produced satisfactory staves for sample sections of round and elongated spars. In-feed and out-feed supports are ready so things are about set to go. Except…

Except my helpers (I don't much want to handle 20' lengths of lumber by myself) are out of pocket until next week. And, in fact, I'll be out of town myself this weekend. So, no more progress on the spars until next week.

But the remedial work continues through Friday and will resume on Tuesday.

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