Thursday, July 23, 2015

Heading Home

We are on the road and heading home, having spent the last 11 days in the Colorado Rockies riding bicycles, enjoying the scenery and visiting with family and friends. Bicycle riding in the Rockies was everything I expected and more. Beautiful scenery… High mountain passes… Difficult climbs… Thrilling descents… and Thin air…

The thin air was perhaps the most taxing part of riding. Even after spending four days in the mountains to acclimate to the elevation, I found it difficult to breathe while riding. Things improved a bit over our stay, but getting enough air in my lungs was difficult throughout our stay.

Would I do it again? Yes, but maybe not for a year or two.

Now, half-way across Iowa on our way home, I am writing lists of boat work to do this weekend: Order more epoxy resin and hardener, work on getting the 'spare' bench-top planer operational, clean-up and set-up the small table saw, continue sand/prep the bottom for paint, paint the bottom… and more.

Oh, yeah, weather permitting, I'll go for a bike ride!

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