Monday, April 2, 2012

Waiting for Epoxy to Cure

Despite my earlier comments that boats are more than plywood and epoxy (and I didn't even mention the blood, sweat and tears that go into wooden boats), I am waiting for epoxy to set. The last coat of epoxy (at least before assembly) on the centerboard case is setting up. In the meantime...

The sail kit for the mizzen sail arrived on Thursday. I'm excited to get this sail assembled so I can order the jib.

On our way to Ann Arbor for the weekend, we stopped at L.L. Johnson Lumber in Charlotte looking for some hardwood. I want to add a cap to the CB case and thought I might find something to use. No joy there but... I did find a piece of maple to use for the rudder cheeks. Tonight I drafted and cut out the template for the rudder cheeks. I'll trace the shape on the wood and cut the cheeks in the next few days. Now, I know, maple is not the first choice for use on a boat but the rudder cheeks will be epoxy coated, primed and painted. Attention to touching up nicks and scrapes over the years will extend the life of the rudder assembly. I'll head over to Atwoods Forest Products for material for the cap on the CB case.

Tuesday is a busy non-boat-work day. Volunteer work at a soup kitchen in the morning (prepping and serving lunch) followed by errands and a renewed effort at beginning training for a 75-mile bicycle ride in August. It is unlikely that I will get the CB case installed tomorrow. That should give the epoxy plenty of time to cure.

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