Friday, April 27, 2012

A Side Trip and... Another Project?

Took a little side trip on Tuesday to visit the Heritage Coast Rowing and Sailing project in East Tawas, MI. The project is an evolution of the Scottish Coastal Rowing program designed as a community boat building and rowing activity. The Heritage 23 is based on the traditional Mackinaw boat - a design of historical significance in the Great Lakes region. The Heritage 23 is a beautiful boat:
It was a treat to meet the people involved in the project - too many to name individually - particularly Dave Wentworth (point man for the project) and Alec Jordan (the man behind the kits for the St. Ayles Skiff and the Heritage 23).

I have been enamored with the Scottish Coastal Rowing concept since first hearing about it three years ago. The idea of getting involved in a community boat building project has been rattling around my head for a year or so and the Heritage project is exciting as it is based on a meaningful local design. My visit with Dave, Alec and everyone else in East Tawas was informative and inspiring. As work continues with Gardens, I plan to explore local interest in building a Heritage 23 as a community project. It would be great to build a community boat here in Central Michigan and take it to the shores of Lake Huron for some good fun, camaraderie and competition with other Heritage 23s!

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